Our children today are our leaders’ tomorrow

-Nelson Mandela

The Attendance Service is an initiative from the Ministry of Education to assist young people of school age (6-16 years) and their whanau. The service provides assistance, family support and guidance to leaners who are not attending school. We are contracted to work in 60 schools in the South Auckland area.

STRIVE’s Integrated Attendance Service (IAS) has a team of experienced and dedicated Attendance Advisors specialized in working with at-risk learners who have poor attendance or who have fallen out of the school system. They are able to identify the underlying issues for non-attendance, develop educational pathway plans and work closely with whanau and other social services to support the learner’s re-engagement with school and improve their educational, employment and life outcomes. Early intervention with our learners prepares them for a better future.

Referrals to IAS

Referrals to our service are made from the School or Ministry of Education and fall under 2 categories:

  1. Unjustified Absences (UA) – where a learner has been away from school without a satisfactory explanation.
  2. Non-enrolled Notification in education (NENS) – where a young person between the ages of 6-16 has not attended school for 20 school days in a row and is not enrolled in another school.

Once we receive a referral our Attendance Advisors:

  • Engage      with the whanau
  • Identify      the reason why the learner is not attending
  • Support     the learner back into education