STRIVE Community Trust is committed to providing services that collectively address the social, economic, educational and cultural needs of all people that reside in our role/community.

Empowering WHANAU to be independent and strong, STRIVE Community Trust supports families/whanau in South Auckland through a number of services to gain the skills they need to take charge of their lives.

STRIVE CEO, Sharon Wilson-Davis describes the trust’s role:

We want to help whanau surmount the barriers and hardships they face through a hand up – not a handout as there is a very big difference. The huge impact and benefits of having an education, employment and a warm safe stable home are immeasurable, not only for the individual but for their whanau and OUR community.

STRIVE Community Trust can support individuals and families by breaking down the barriers that can hinder the progress to being the best we can be.