Inā kei te mohio koe ko wai koe, I anga mai koe i hea, kei te mohio koe. Kei te anga atu ki hea

If you know who you are and where you are from, then you will know where you are going.

Strive Community Trust was formerly known as Tamaki Ki Raro located at Te Puea Marae. Tamaki Ki Raro Trust was incorporated as a Charitable Trust on 20th January 1986 when the Tainui Maori Trust Board formed eight legally structured management committees. Tamaki Ki Raro, meaning the lower boundary of the Tainui Rohe (Waikato Area), was thus formed to assist with the social and economic development of local Marae and to awhi (support) Tainui whanau living in the rohe.

Tamaki Ki Raro Trust originally set out delivering holistic programmes that provided social and cultural stability for Tainui people living in the Manukau rohe, directly utilizing Marae facilities and local whanau. Over time, Marae were empowered to manage their own affairs and encouraged to determine their own direction in accordance with Tainui kawa (protocol) and specific needs within the Rohe.

Name Change to STRIVE Community Trust

As years progressed, the Trust identified the need to broaden its partnership to reflect the growing cultural diversity within our community, particularly embracing Pacific people. The rationale was to establish a name to reflect the commitment to meeting the needs of ALL PEOPLE in our Rohe.

On the 3rd June 2010, the name Tamaki Ki Raro Trust was changed to STRIVE Community Trust. The Trust continues to be closely linked to Te Puea Marae and holding the stewardship and administration of the Te Puea Kaumatua Pensioner Flats.

Our Logo ~ HEI MATAU (Fish Hook)

STRIVE stands for Strengths, Trust, Resilience, Independence, Versatility, Excellence.

The Maori Symbols or meaning for Hei-Matau more commonly known as the fish hook symbolizes prosperity.

Maori use fish in many of their traditional food dishes. Fish were so plentiful to the Maori that the simple ownership of a fish hook means prosperity. The Hei-Matau (fish hook) also represents strength, determination and good health as well as providing safe journey over the water.

The two Fish hooks that entwine the S of STRIVE signifies that call people can enter our services at any point in their lives when they need assistance and will exit at will on receiving the help and awhi they need.